San Francisco, December 2012

At the MILTON ERICKSON FOUNDATION Brief Therapy Conference, LASTING SOLUTIONS, December 5-9

ever lasting heroes

Milton H.Erickson had to struggle for life and for every day of his life. His example is extraordinary in many ways and he could be, and certainly is, for many of us, a distinctive model, a hero. And Milton has also become a story teller. Christine Guilloux invites you to discover your heroes within.

two voices, one dream

When we are in love, “Life is like a dream”, and each values the other.  Christine Guilloux and Eric Greenleaf, a woman and a man, Parisian and Brooklynite, combine their Ericksonian and Brief Therapy perspectives and experience in a conjoint exercise with couples. This exercise reintroduces a loving dream of the couple, utilizing values of childhood and the pleasure of trance to help them accomplish once again.