Roma september 2009

games people could play, hidden heroes…

Il est des confusions, des transfusions, des tergiversations, des explorations avant de prendre des décisions… Christine Guilloux nous invite et par une conférence et par un atelier à mobiliser nos ressources cachées, à les titiller, les stimuler et réveiller en nous des ressources aux talents multiples, mille ressources dont l’humour de soi…

XVIIIth International Congress of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) :  Hypnosis and neuroscience, Clinical implications of the new mind-body paradigms
Roma, Scientific Program, 24-26 september 2009

moves towards self-humor…

Confusion times as times where the client goes into a slight or a deep transe and travels through different states of denigration, of denial, of depreciation of himself/herself. The client goes into a spiral, in a hole that seems to had no end.

Some would call the attempts of the client to solve his/her difficult times as a vicious circle or triangle where the client swings or shifts from three positions: he is conscious of behaving as a victim of himself/herself, while he/she feels he/she can’t help being  a self-persecutor as he/she attempts to be a rescuer.

So many explorations can be engaged by the therapist and the patient in those little voices that can be reservoirs of resources, caves of treasures, as a ground to bounce from. New games can be played: associative and dissociative states can be used to help the client to reassemble, recombine, reframe negative beliefs  into positive ones.

A paper to show how to help the patient build some humor statements so as to progress on other paths, to laugh of himself/herself, to move towards a solid self-humor.

heroes and/as resources in therapy

A workshop to play “the hero within”, to share on our models, human beings, fiction characters, stories… Dazibao to build on our personal resources, on the inner and hidden resources of our patients… Dazibao to spring from our cultural differences.