San Diego december 2008

Des héros cachés, manifestes ou manifestés, reconnus…

Dans la lignée des ateliers et des conférences sur le thème du héros qui est en soi, un atelier, a short course, animé par Christine Guilloux.

7th Brief Therapy Conference:
Lasting Solutions, San Diego, California, USA, December 11th, 2008

hidden heroes along the way…

Subject, patient, client, therapist, teacher, trainer, supervisor, supervised, all of us are shaped from an essence, the stuff we are made of, the hero within.

Through his numerous physical problems, Milton H. Erickson had to struggle for life and for every day life. His example is extraordinary in many ways and he could be, and certainly is, for many of us, a distinctive model, a hero. And Milton has also become a story teller.

Among our models, our heroes, our genius and the stories that have been told to us, the ones we’ve built, the ones we’ve integrated, there are some that are deep metaphors within us. How do we refer to them ? how do they structure and impact our lives ? how do we utilize them ? how do they impulse our behaviors, our feelings, our sensations ? how do we play with them ? how do we pass them around us ?

Through a list of questions, we will draw up in this workshop an inventory and statement of the basic heroes that we’ve integrated and the stories that are the ones of our deep metaphors, we will travel and explore those resources that have contributed to our construction and our structure in productive and counterproductive ways.

This workshop will offer then ways to utilize them in our therapeutic goals for inner change and help the patient build from the hero within himself/herself.