Phoenix – décembre 2015

Héros toujours à s’immiscer dans l’ordinaire et l’extraordinaire…

Dans la lignée des ateliers et des conférences sur le thème du héros qui est en soi, un atelier, a short course, animé par Christine Guilloux.

12th International Congress on Ericksonian Approaches to Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, December 9-14, 2015

heroes as inner resources…

Heroes… How can they be a surprise or a sunrise ? How can they be deep inner resources ?
This workshop, offered by Christine Guilloux, is as an opportunity to open the doors of our perception in some new angles, with other lenses.

Et également, avec Eric Greenleaf :

narratives of recovery

From narratives of their path to vocation, participants will get to some narratives of their recovery from serious illness . What can be a narrative of the most powerful factor in a recovery ?